Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leting my Geek flag fly!

                   In my ongoing struggle to stop people please I am admitting my geek tendencies. I lean to the geek side more often than not. After years of geek denial I have come to this with sad recognition I have missed out on geek pride after being a closeted geek for so many years. There were other factors being the youngest child with little hand eye coordination leads to watching your sibling play games with your dad and totally missing out on the the joy of video gamer brother hood. Also being late to the computer coolness/ possible tone o' money maker and use. Sigh, the wasted years in hiding my love of Sci-FY for years I missed so so many awesome movies and TV shows, the one liners, I could have been disappointed they were canceled so much earlier than I found them on Netflix, IE. Pushing Daisies and Firefly. (sniffle) I am grieving to much to talk about that. I never had the brains or more the will to study till it got cool and you could blow stuff  up for a living with science or Math: However the Scie-Fy lore and nerd culture I am down with.

the horror
                 This lack of Video gamer love and tech things has me wondering: Can one be a geek with out a huge obsession with technology, comic books, and video games? I was looking up Comi-con because for years I have seen pictures of all my geek heroes there so There I must go. As I was looking yesterday for a possible trip to the 2014 venue just a little dreaming/ planing I noticed all the people were mostly comic book people, them it hit me. Comic- con, NOOOOOOO!!!! had my dreams been dashed? I am not apposed to comics in them selves but am at a loss as two where to start. Does not reading this make me less Geek than I think. For years the lack of video game love has kept me from letting my geek flag fly. Was I now not ineligible for the holy grail of trips?

Sigh.... Captain; oh my Captain.
           I admit my geekness is unique to me I love off beat English humor, steam punk (Yes! love the fashion but have to think of it as western to watch), most supernatural things (but not all I don't like Zombies they freak me out unless it is funny but love Wear wolves and vampires but hate Twilight). I read but not a lot, I get most of the jokes on Big Bang Theory (but not all), I know what Dolphins sing and whales think when they fall from the sky, and get a kick out of dressing up and going out in public with friends for no particular reason (I do think this more hipster than geek). Occasionally I will bust out laughing at things or make jokes or show "funny" videos when hanging out with my non geek friends that result in silence staring while crickets chirping. And I will say this for now and for ever Nathan Fillion will always be my Captain, even though Castle is awesome.

           UGh or is this whole thing about my need for approval and and wanting to find a group that I "fit" in.

          Sigh I guess this too must be yet another thing I am a Platypus in fitting and not fit in all at the same time.

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