Monday, August 6, 2012


            Ok so how is the world not jumping up and down that we landed on Mars. It's Mars! Really people? Get all geeked out over the moon and the red planet gets no love. I honestly had not even heard they were launching something to go there. Had anyone else? Am I alone in my ignorance? It's not like I check NASA's status everyday to find out what is new in space. I generally just enjoy the stars and the moon.  How cool is it we have a robot on Mars. I have visons of Marvin the Martian and other aliens dancing in my head. but there so far are rocks. sigh, that will have to do for now I guess.

           With the way things go in Sci-FY movies not sure why people would be so excited to meet the aliens and other life forms: with all the butt probing and psycho death war mongering types represented in films. I read a quote from a scientist (I can't remember the name of ) when asked about ET he said "If it is true it is the only time and best example of a secret government has been able to keep.". He makes a good point. I am not sure I believe in ET but I do think it would be cool if there was. Can you imagine? How cool would it be to meet ET for real hiding behind your stuffed animal pile. I may be watching to much Sci-FY, but this is where my mind drifted as I dreamed about being on mars. it all stopped with the image of the guys head exploding as he was pushed into mars' atmosphere, forget the name of that one had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it.

                I know it takes a lot of money to do go to Mars and I am even surprised by myself as I honestly love we are still pushing back into discovery. In a world where so much is known, we are still hungry and pushing to know more. Dream on scientist, push back against the tide of Jersey Shore wannabe's and the culture fighting for the bottom of the Heap. Lift up more than body or coolness. Did anyone else see the guy with the Mohawk? That is the Flight Director, Babak Ferdowski. How cool is that? Still rocking personal style and personality but awesome at his job and rock star smart. Why is it the dumb getting lifted up in our culture? Frustrates me. we have smart young people thinking all they are is a body and the dumber the better. Don't we want more for them? Don't we want well rounded people that can think of themselves in more than one term or in more than one set of circumstances? WE are so much a product of what we have been told we are, tell a young person they can't and the majority of them will not.

                   I was listening to a story the other day of a runner from South Africa Oscar Pistorius, was born without fibulas and grew up without anyone setting limits on him he competed in normal sport. Was so good a coach picked him up and he ended up in the paralympics, he was so good there he is now and Olympian competing this week in London. He had to fight with the board and have experts testified that his prosthetic was not an unfair advantage. That's how good he is. What could the young people in your life do if you encouraged them?

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