Friday, June 15, 2012

What to get for the father who found everything he wanted on Facebook

               This is the first Father's day my Hubie has wanted to celebrate since we have been married. He has been a father for 22 years but his son was lost to him years ago to circumstances he could not control. This last year in November our prayers we answered and he found his son on Facebook of all things.  He had never given up hope but had little of it in ever finding him again. Things have been slow in the getting to know you part but the joy of finding his lost son has not faded.

                It was really the most miraculous thing ever. He had gotten a friend request from one of his ex's niece because his brother had entered his school and home town in and a friend of his friend found him then the niece found him through that. and in her friends as soon as he saw his face He  knew this was his son. Neither of us could stop smiling for days! after a well crafted letter saying all the things that lived in his heart all these years he made contact and we found out we were Grandparents! They have talked a little since then. Never again will Facebook be taken so lightly in this house anyway.

                 So this being the first Father's day after that I am kinnda stumped as to what to do for him about it. It is such a big deal. We have not been able to have children of our own and until this last November My bonus son had seemed like a virtual person. someone you knew was there but never saw or heard anything about other than when we would pray for him together or separately. I am so excited to celebrate this day with him and just take the time to really soak in all this year has brought us.

       For a number of years Fathers day has been a downer day for us. My hubies Dad died a number of years ago and my own father and I have been estranged for a number of years. Throw in a child you have been missing for almost 20 years and boom you have a day you would like to forget.I love when things get redeemed something so hurtful and painful because a thing of joy and celebrating. So for all those who's Father's day is not what you hoped and is a sad reminder of thing you lost or never had I hope your day can be redeemed as well.

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