Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I was not going to but...

Ok I am from WI and can not not say something about this historic recall going on. I have been waiting for this day since the teachers and public workers froze their butts off in Madison last year, or in front of palm trees depending if you watch Fox news or not. I was an independent for 5 years before all this happened in my state but can not be any longer. The way Scott Walker has played on people and torn our state apart is unconscionable. Wi is a pretty laid back state for the most part. People are good people. To have this burst out in such a way like this makes my heart break, and having a Governor who in his own words divided us intentionally. Shame on you sir. SHAME! It is no secret to who I am for, I am for the people of WI no people should be divided and concurred by an official who is supposed to be serving their best interests. More of the issues bother me and I could talk at length about then but am not going to because none is as important as this is. This is what democracy looks like! Recall WI!!!!!!!

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