Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are not that desperate girl

I am so sick of hearing from the Republican party, especially here in WI. but nationally too, that we need to do this so we can get jobs: But if we stop now we will not get jobs. Can't raise taxes, we will scare the business away. Like hearing the sad story of an insecure girl at a dance or bar. If I do not dress like a tramp, have a snookie bump,  orange spray tan and hump the all the guys and girls I will not get any atention. Really? lets make this a real life thing.  Do we want the atention of the business that will be drawn in by this kind of behavior? or is that the equivalent of the atention this girl I described atention she is going to atract is the kind that you have to keep your hand over your drink and your eye on cuz he probably is going to ruffy you.

Come on! No one, not any decent business anyway is going to be atracted to a desperate atention seeking antics like are being proposed. Any business that is not willing to help and be a part of the solution for the good of the whole community is not worthy of being a part of. We need to look and learn from history. Yes, Business loves a fascist state where they have total control over the people Germany and Italy under there facsist leaders proved that their economy was booming. I am not willing to go that far. We have brilliant workforce here, hard working genuine good people that do not want a free lunch but also do not want this lunch taken away from their grandmother, children, or the ones who educate and feed their children.

So before we go off and buy our state booty shorts and a halter top lets take a look at who we are and who we want to become. Selling everything for the chance of a look from the creepy business in the corner is not worth the damage we are bringing to our people.

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