Monday, August 15, 2011

Unearthing the barried even if it is only barried an inch deep.

OK so aperantly I have been having a raceist weekend not all day but certainly quite a few. IT started with watching the help and cryin like a baby through it. Then going to dinner on Friday and having a waitress just out and out tell us her daughter started to learn the N word from her son but she thinks she is smart enough to know when to use it. Are you kidding me? You never use it you teach her the history of the word and tell her it degrades people  and the have the same talk with your son. And why are telling a table of people you hope to get a tip from that? I spent a good portion of the day yesterday reading an artical from Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. It was long but I wanted to really take my time and think through what he said, Being a man I respect and think I know too little about.
                           I grew up in a home that really did celbrate all people my parents espcialyy my Mom never used to say diragitory slirs about other people. We even had nights when we would spin the globe and land on a country and then go to the library find books on the food from there and a game they played there. We would make the dish and play the game learning about the culture of that place. A love for culture I still have today. My Mom was from a bigger city and wanted to make sure my sister and I were exposed to it because our small town had little to offer in that way. Although my parents were suprized when I started to date and then married someone from another counrty. Not sure why they were suprized but they were. I remember when I was 5 and we were out to dinner with my grandparents we were on vaction visisting them in the south. A very afluent african american couple walked in with their children and my grandfather said loudly the N word. I being all of 5 and the only one to say anything stood up and yelled at him. that is all I remeber about it. I know I wanted to apologize to the couple but not sure what happened after that I know crying was involved but I am not sure if it was because I was upset or I was back handed for making a scean. But I do know from an early age I had been taught that was not ok.

I woke up this morning with a thinking about how our society has been built on the backs of others and we all suport it knowingly or unknowingly. When our country started we stood on the back of the first nation people to this day we are grinding them into the dirt.
Then we moved on to africans we brought here as slaves. the breakign of this subjigation at least in some manner has cost us blood in the civil war and the cicle rights movment and although our treatment is better than it was it is not equal in most places.
Moving to modern day we stand on the back of not just imagrant workers as we have int he past we still do but we stand on the backs of illegal imagrant workers.
You may say to me I do not benifit from illegal workers and say all the things the right says about them. I would ask you then do you buy organic everything? If you do not the low cost of your food comes on the backs of the people you are so angery about being in this contrey. Not just the vegatable that Chaves held up and raised to the american concesness but the milk you drink the beef and chicken you eat all come at the price of modern day slavery of using illegal imegrats. People say the organic is so expencive, it is because it gives a living wage to those producing it and the people they hire.
People do not wnat tothink about what there words say let alone their actions. I see racism as self hatred turned out word. The soul knows how wrong it is but instead of rejecting the evilness of race hatred and all that goes with it people take the feeling of how ick that is in their soul and turn it outword to the people. I am not sure if this is right or not just is the only way I can wrap my mind around it. I think as a nation and responcible people we need our country and our actions to speak what we really feel. Do we really feel the little kid with so little opertunity in the getto is worth less than any other child? Do we really want to blame the people coming here for better opertunity and keep them out of the system so we can profit on their hardship? How does one live in a socity in a heart ethical way when our culture and the rules are set up in many cases to enslave and trap others? I do not know that I have all the questions even to find what needs to be done but I would like to start asking the ones I do have so maybe some one will have some of them and we can start to realize Dr. Martina Luther Kings dream. in our lives as a reality

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