Thursday, April 26, 2012

Only I could...

So I decided today to write a blog about a practice I have started since some friends of mine and I started doing a book club about this one book Practical Genius, love the book read it if you can. In this book one of the challenges in it is to take in beauty every day really soak it in. like going to a museum and find one piece of art that calls to us and feel it write down your thoughts about it this could also be done with great literature read something beautiful really soak it in not just read and go on. So I started doing this but had not written down my thoughts about it so I figured if I am going to do this I want to share them with people and have them share with me. Kind of a I'll show you mine if you show me your kindda feel to it. so I did I looked up a very famous museum been in movies and everything  and looked through found the piece and wrote down my thought really one by one wrote them out I am figgin odd ball because I came to the conclusion in my head that this beautiful statue was the birth place for sci-fi and the modern block buster alien invasion movie. really I did (shakes head), only I could take a statue of Nike and make it Super 8 movie, or Battle Star Galactica.  here it is if you would like to read it.

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