Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Award

So I have been invaded by Virus' in oour house this week. we had intirly too much phlem and on top of that we had a computer virus that shut us down. I am not a fan of IT person I love when they just hyjack your computer and do it, but hate it when they take their smug know all things additude and look down on those that think it was a great feat to learn to copy and paste. I have about a 5 min tolerance for this, less when I did what they said and they corect me with something they did not say.

My hubby on the other hand has buckets and buckets of it. Seriously he should be up for staint hood. He spent 5 hours for 3 days on line dealing with It people. There has to be a merit badge or trophy for this some where. An award show I am sure is going to be calling either that or the punked people will be popping out any min,
 I should do my makeup for Ashton <3.

Seems to me life hands out awards for all the wrong things Matters that really matter never get awarded or noticed for the most part. Good parenting scarificing and nurturing the soal of the child to grow and become the person they were born to be, Being kind hearted and patience is never celbrated. How did we get things so backwards? They are always the things we notice whenthey are gone but never see often when they are there. so I anted to take the time to say it I love how much patience my husband has probly why he can put up with me and all my madness. I also love that at the same time he is snarky and loves to do things that just make him laugh and no one else knows why they are funny but him and maybe me. So I just have to say I love you. <3 <3 <3 <3 I can not give you Saint hood but I can give you your vertual award so here is

your trophy
and Million dollar prize Of course this Prize is to be paid in Lucy Dollars that do not actually have monitary value but can be redeamed for doggy kisses.

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