Thursday, July 21, 2011

I think My Netflix is judging me.

So here I was again trying to just watch a movie when my Netflix starts in with me about my choice so here is how the interaction went down.

Me- Oh look at that movie that looks like it is worth taking a look. (click)
Netflix- Yeah... we think you will not like this movie.
Me- but I am reading what the movie is about and it looks interesting.
Netflix- Well you are wrong about that, you may like this movie enough to not turn it off, but more likely you will hate it, note I have put the 2 1/2 stars there for you to know that.
Me- You know what Netflix? I think I know myself better than you and I think I am going to watch this.
Me-You are taking your sweet time opening this movie Netflix....
Netflix- I really think based on your movie selections you will hate this movie. There is a back to browsing tab you could push that would stop the loading and we could pick a movie you will like better.
Me- You know what Netflix I can grow as a person just because I live in a world of Ipods and Pandora where I never have to watch or hear.  What I do not want to watch and hear does not mean I can'tt expand my mind to maybe try something I have not seen before, maybe I will love it... ever think of that Netflix? Huh?
Netflix- Fine, here is your movie.
(after the movie)
Netflix- So how did you like the movie?
Me- Shut up.
Netflix- No, I just want to help you make better movie choices for you. Did you love it like it a lot, like it hate it or really hate it?
Me- OK I hated it. No, I really hated it.
Netflix- Really? Do you normally watch movies like this? Sometimes, always or never?
Me- I never watch movies like this.
Netflix- We noticed you stoped the movie before it was done. Was the picture ok?
Me- Yes, the picture was fine.
Netflix- Was the sound to your liking?
Me- Yes, the sounds was fine.
Netflix- We just want to bring you better service for your movie enjoyment. Was there a problem with the playback?
Me- Fine Netflix, fine. You own me, you know me better then I know myself. I hated the movie, the plot sucked the characters were poorly written and I even hated the background and costumes. Are ya happy Netflix, Are you happy now?
Netflix- Thank you for all your input, it helps us make better movie choices for you.
ME- fine I will never doubt you again! Why you got to rub it in like that?

Stupid Netflix thinks it knows me. you don't know me Netflix: you don't know me.

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  1. Hehehe. I've had conversations like that with Netflix before too.